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Welcome to the website of Okazaki Survey and Registration Office Co., Ltd.
About us
Company Profile
◇Company name・Okazaki Survey and Registration Office Co., Ltd.
        ・Land and House Investigator Okazaki Survey and Registration Office
Representative Koji Okazaki   (Land and House Investigator / Surveyor)

◇ Business registration ・Surveying business registration No. (1)-34895

         TEL. 087-814-5613 FAX. 087-814-5614
business hours   9:00-17:00 
       Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

National qualification・Land and house investigator    1 person
· Two assistant surveyors
        ・2nd class civil engineering construction management engineer  

        ・CALS/EC       1 person

HistoryApril 2012 Land and house surveyor Okazaki survey registration office established
               Registration number Kagawa No. 697
January 2016 Founded Okazaki Surveyor Registration Office Co., Ltd.
Surveying Business Registration No. (1)-34895
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