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Land and building survey survey work


Clarify the boundaries of the land and determine the area of the land.

   It is necessary when

● Those who want to firmly decide the border with the adjacent land for sale or inheritance

● Those who want to install boundary stakes to prevent boundary disputes
● Those who want to clarify the border with the adjacent land for construction planning etc.
● Those who divide the land for inheritance or sale

etc. . .


We will measure the part currently in use and make a drawing of the usage status.

   It is necessary when

● Those who want a map of the current state of the land because they are building a new building

● I want to know the site area for building plans etc.

● Those who want only a drawing because the boundary markers are firmly embedded in the sale

● I want to know the site area for property evaluation such as inheritance tax calculation
● When buying and selling land, I want to compare the registered area and the actual measured area



A control point survey is a method of establishing new control points based on existing control points (triangulation points, electronic control points, etc.) and finding the position (coordinates and height) of the new points. This is the basic measurement. Therefore, it is positioned as a very important surveying that requires high accuracy.

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1. ”When there is no known point (given point) in the vicinity and a reference point cannot be set”

Even if there is no known point (given point) that serves as a reference near the work area and it is not possible to set a reference point, our office uses a GPS survey instrument to locate the 1st to 4th class reference points from the electronic reference points. can be installed.

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2. "I want to survey with world geodetic system coordinates"

Due to the revision of the Survey Law on April 1, 2002, there are more and more situations where we have to use the coordinates of the World Geodetic System (also known as the New Japan Geodetic System or Japan Geodetic System 2000).
At our office, we can set up reference points for world geodetic system coordinates that comply with the work regulations of the surveyor and land and house surveyor businesses.

Please feel free to contact our office.


This is a survey to restore the boundary markers to their original state when they have been lost or moved due to construction work or disasters.
Based on the land area survey map provided by the Legal Affairs Bureau, the boundary confirmation document kept by the customer, the public-private boundary agreement provided by the government office, etc., we will restore the boundary markers in the presence of the adjacent land owner.

There are various types of boundary markers such as stone piles, metal markers, plastic stakes, concrete stakes, and metal rivets.

​      It is necessary when

・Boundary markers have disappeared due to construction work.
・The boundary marker has moved due to the disaster.




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